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  • Use our wristbands to track the location of players on the pitch in real-time and use the built-in biometrics to monitor their fitness and physical condition. The data can then be analysed and visualised to improve their performance during training.
  • Our tamper-proof wristbands will track prisoners in real-time. This allows guards to remotely monitor free association areas such as exercise yards. The built-in biometrics can send an alert if anything untoward happens, especially useful when dealing with vulnerable prisoners.
  • Join the smart goods tracking revolution. Our UbiTrack tags allow you to precisely track the location of goods in your warehouse and logistics network in real time. And the built-in environmental monitoring helps you ensure your goods are stored in perfect condition.
  • Use our UbiTrack badges and wristbands to enhance the security and safety of your smart building. Track the location of visitors and staff, control which areas they access and even monitor their health and wellbeing with the built-in biometrics.
  • Residents in care homes are vulnerable, and those with dementia are prone to wandering. Using our MDPS wristbands, you can track their location and sound an alert if they stray too far. The biometrics monitoring function will also alert you if they suffer any medical crisis.

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