UbiTrack-TWC1 is a smart watch positioning tag, it is mainly used for people positioning, such as the elderly or special groups. It supports UWB positioning communication. The watch has physiological monitoring, electronic fence, alarm, step counting and other functions. Its’ OLED display screen can display time, heart rate, notification and other information.

Civilian Wristband

Use Case Scenarios

Event training

Event training



Pension agency

Pension agency

Appearance & Dimensions

product size1 product size2


UWB Operating Frequency

  UWB Operating Frequency: 3.5GHz-6.5GHz

UWB Transmitting Power

  UWB Transmitting Power: 0-33.5dB (Adjustable)

Additional Sensors

  Additional Sensors: Heart rate (photoelectric),

      Acceleration Sensor

Power Supply

  Power Supply: Rechargeable 400mAh lithium battery


  Dimensions: 1.67"× 1.67"× 0.64" (42.5mm


OLED Screen

  OLED Screen: 1.15"×0.58" (29.4mm×14.7mm)

Operating Temperature

  Operating Temperature: -20ºC to 55ºC

Operating Humidity

  Operating Humidity:10-90%

Battery Life

  Battery Life:1-3 months