Platform Features

The UbiTrack positioning platform enables you to deploy data and files to the personal server completely and guarantees that the data will be stored locally and securely one hundred percent, with all the data autonomous and controllable. Furthermore, historical data can be visualized through the platform, the tags alarm and anchor self-calibration are available, along with many other functions that improve the positioning use experience.

High scalability

The platform provides a practical data interface and supports secondary development, as well as research functions on demand.

Flexible deployment

The installation package can be installed and used at any time without any processes, and it comes with comprehensive use instructions.

Abundant functions

Besides basic positioning, the platform offers many personalized functions that customers need in diverse scenarios and applications.

Low cost and high efficiency

UbiTrack offers different software package grading options that support diverse functions. It also offers the best choice of “price + functions”.

Data security

The platform is fully deployed in the intranet environment, with data stored locally one hundred percent to guarantee privatized data autonomy.

System stability

UbiTrack’s platform enables you to provide a stable positioning service that is less prone to problems and perfect supports.

Software package pricing

Pricing plans are categorized according to the functions and services required by users. The tiered pricing options are categorized according to specific user demands and frequency of use. This pricing model will allow users to choose the most suitable pricing package according to their demands and budget, and to upgrade package content anytime according to their increased demands and variety needs.

Product name Free version
Basic version
Standard version
Professional version
Industry version

Anchor/tag numbers






Real-time location view

Regional management

Anchor management

Tag management

System authorization management

System name, LOGO customization

Positioning settings

Track mode

Track playback

Personnel management

3D view, heat map

Position self-calibration

Electric fence management

Alert management

Picture settings

Menu management

Operation and maintenance management

Indoor and outdoor hybrid positioning management

Camera management

User management

Environment sensing device management

Visual large screen

The price of the lifetime license is only five times the annual fee price, if you need any kind of customization , please contact customer service.


Customization version: If you have more anchors, tags, or other individual needs, you can contact our sales team who will provide a Quote Form, and we will create your own package with customized options and services.

Multiple scenarios to satisfy customers

The UbiTrack positioning service platform offers flexible, multi-level and multi-style choices and many customization options, which can satisfy the needs of various roles in different scenarios and help diverse customers to improve production efficiency, reduce costs, improve service quality, and much more.