Program Difficulties

In order to make the control of personnel in the production area of chemical enterprises more efficient, the relevant authority classifies and counts the information relating to non-employees in and out of the production area, grasps the emergency status of the enterprise, improves the efficiency of emergency rescue, prevents untrained and unapproved personnel from entering the production area.

High security

National explosion-proof standard

Difficult to deploy

The factory area is old and the construction is complicated

Long standby

Ultra-low power consumption, ultra-long battery life standby


Different scenarios require different dimensions of the positioning mode

Solution Advantage

UWB positioning anchor UbiTrak-A2-NEX and UWB personnel positioning tag Ubitrack-TG2-NEX have passed the "National Explosion-proof Electrical Product Quality Inspection and Monitoring Center" testing, and have obtained the Ex ib IIB T6/T4 Gb explosion-proof certification.

UbiTrack multi-dimensional positioning system can meet the complex environment, support large areas, small spaces, long corridors, production areas, operation areas etc., 0D/1D/2D and other positioning modes to achieve high-precision positioning of personnel.

Single-Sided Two-Way Ranging (SS-TWR): A simple measurement of the round-trip delay of a single message from one node to another, and sending the response back to the original node. The error in this method of ranging increases with clock skew, and the error in the time-of-flight estimation increases to the point where the error makes the estimate very inaccurate.

Double-Sided Two-Way Ranging (DS-TWR): An extension of Single-Sided Two-Way Ranging (SS-TWR), in which two round-trip time-to-date measurements are used and combined to obtain time-of-flight results. Assuming that devices A and B are 100m apart, the flight time of electromagnetic waves is 333ns. Because the clock input error is 2033310-9 seconds, resulting in a ranging error of 2.2mm, it can be ignored. Therefore, bilateral ranging is the most commonly used ranging method.

Product Specifications

------------ Outdoor Anchor UbiTrack-A2-NEX ------------

UbiTrack-A2 positioning anchor is easy to deploy, simple to install, and adopts DC 12V power supply mode and mixed use of plugged network cables, so that the power supply during the data transmission process is stable, the maximum speed is 100–500 Mbit/s, time synchronization only 0.1ns.

  Network: Supports Ethernet (PoE)

  Power Supply: PoE or DC 220V

  Dimensions: (280mm X 185mm X 80mm)

  Positioning System Frequency: 3.5–6.5GHz

  Operating Temperature: -20ºC to 55ºC

  IP Level: IP65

  Housing Material: Die-casting Aluminum

------------ Goods Positioning Tag UbiTrack-TG2-NEX ------------

UbiTrack-TG2 positioning tag: high-quality material selection, explosion-proof safety, lightweight body, super adaptation, intelligent alerts. Dynamic positioning frequency and static intelligent judgment and switching, with the highest positioning frequency of up to 1 second 20 times, ultra-low power consumption design, ultra-long battery life of up to 180 days.

  UWB Operating Frequency: 3.5–6.5GHz

  UWB Transmitting Power: 0-33.5dB

  NFC Operating Frequency: 13.56MHz

  Operating Temperature: -20℃ to 55℃

  Operating Humidity:10–90%

  Standby Power Loss: 0.39mW

  Power Supply: Rechargeable 1000mAh lithium battery

  Battery Life: 1–4 months(1Hz)

  Dimensions: (83mm X 50mm X 22mm)

  Optional Functions: Messages, voice, SOS, demolition prevention alert, etc.

Product Features

In the petrochemical field, UbiTrack positioning system can efficiently realize real-time viewing of personnel location, as well as event traceability through line playback. Organize a rapid rescue operation when danger occurs, they can detect overstaffing as well as lack of personnel, identify unpermitted crossings of the set boundaries, and establish alert control. Personnel data statistics, personnel trajectories, visual analysis functions of key area data, etc. can all be presented on the large screen of the monitoring center, with visual statistical charts for important data.


Advanced service

UbiTrack Partner Solutions

Building upon the mature product and diversified applications of the UbiTrack positioning system, UbiTtrack has launched Partner Solutions, you can get the hardware API and settings of the UbiTrack system and access to the private platform.

UbiTrack Software Grading Services

Building upon the mature product and diversified applications of the UbiTrack positioning system, UbiTtrack has launched the Software Grading Services. These are providing personnel management features, alarm information, 3D view, and many other features.