Problems such as the poor timeliness of information, high labor costs, abnormal environment-monitoring requirements, and server room security are the pain points of server room OPS.Once the UbiTrack positioning anchor is set up in the room, the information about the location of staff and important assets is displayed in the control center. The integrated PFID allows for accurate monitoring of staff and assets the target room. With UbiBot's wireless smart sensors, leak detector, and other sensor devices, the staff, hardware, and physical environment in the server room can be monitored in real time.Ensure the safety of your server room and build intelligent and efficient dynamic loop monitoring with UbiBot.

System architecture and principles

UbiTrack positioning system adopts a number of innovative data analysis and processing algorithms, and a variety of algorithms are hybrid to meet user's different positioning business needs. It has optional spatial positioning (3D),regional positioning (2D),orbital positioning (1D) and other positioning modes. Based on the TWR and TDOA positioning algorithms, the location and surrounding environment information of personnel, vehicles and assets can be accurately located in real time. At the same time, the system also supports track playback, alarm, data interaction, camera linkage and other functions.

The UbiBot platform perfectly integrated intelligent sensing devices and the Internet. Intelligent sensing devices access the platform, collect the target data and transmit it to the UbiTrack platform, where the positioning or environmental data is analyzed and processed. The platform them provides feedback to the user in the relevant form, such as over-limit alarms. The platform can be accessed by mobile phones, computers, and other communication devices.

Product Specifications

Indoor Anchor UbiTrack-A1

Suitable for an indoor layout, ceiling and wall installation mode supported, network cable access supported, POE power supply

Goods Position Tag UbiTrack-TG2

Small and lightweight, can be installed in a variety of ways, can be attached to hard hats or objects

Position Badge ll UbiTrack-TB3

Once the tag is attached, the position of the person or object can be delected and monitored in real time.

Platform Functions

2D View

The anchor is set at the four corners of the area and 2.5 meters higher than the tag, which can make it cover a wider area. The anchor's built-in or external high power and gain omnidirectional antenna, which transmits data through the RJ45 network cable, can reach a maximum speed of 100–500 Mbit/s, the response time is only 0.1 ns. The real-time location data of the tag can be visualized, which allows users to better monitor the position of the tag.

Member Management

The binding and unbinding of the tag and the member is very convenient, and when binding, you only need to hang the tag to the Member and bind it on the UbiTrack positioning platform, so that the platform can form a unique identification with the Member until the tag is formed.When unbinding, only the corresponding unbinding operation needs to be performed on the platform. The binding and unbinding of tags to/from members makes it convenient to manage.

Zone Management

Importing e-maps allows users to quickly build indoor maps on the UbiTrack platform and locate them. Maps can be edited on the UbiTrack platform by adding information and functions. The self-calibration of the anchor can calibrate the parameters on the anchor floor plan, just follow the instructions to perform the corresponding operation on the UbiTrack platform, and the system will automatically identify the position parameters of the anchor and perform calibration.

Track Mode

The UbiTrack platform provides multiple ways, including time-based, location-based, tag-based, and attribute-based querying. Users can view historical position data of moving objects in real time and perform retrospective analysis. At the same time, the track function also allows users to trace the historical trajectory of moving objects; the UbiTrack platform provides track mode to help users intuitively understand the motion status and path of moving objects.

Advanced service

UbiTrack Partner Solutions

Building upon the mature product and diversified applications of the UbiTrack positioning system, UbiTtrack has launched Partner Solutions, you can get the hardware API and settings of the UbiTrack system and access to the private platform.

UbiTrack Software Grading Services

Building upon the mature product and diversified applications of the UbiTrack positioning system, UbiTtrack has launched the Software Grading Services. These are providing personnel management features, alarm information, 3D view, and many other features.