Our Solutions

Our products are multidimensional combined products, primarily intended for customers who do not have their own algorithms. Partner Solutions can also provide UbiTrack's positioning algorithm SDK library license or source code. The aim is to provide practical and cost-effective solutions for customers who are concerned about data storage security.

The partner solution can provide different "Tag + Anchor" combined products to customers with various needs and applications.

UWB technology can achieve centimeter-level positioning accuracy. For customers without independent algorithms can provide SDK libraries.

Open the hardware device API, set monitoring permissions, and obtain commercial licenses for deployment to meet diverse customer needs.

Benefit from a variety of tools for upgrading firmware for anchors, tags, and other products. Cover the most convenient applications in various use environments.

Wide range of solutions supported

Partner Solutions is a brand researched and developed by UbiTrack and acknowledged in many countries, by various groups and individual developers all over the world. The brand provides many low-cost, low-threshold, easy-to-deploy technical products and services and strives to develop abundant industry solutions in vertical field of positioning to promote the digital upgrade in various industries.


High precision, stable, and multifunctional

UWB technology is used to ensure centimeter-level high-precision positioning effect.

Open API interface enables you to develop different functions in different applications.

Heart rate/SOS/acceleration detection and other functions to meet various needs.

Enjoy licensing to attach exclusive brand trademarks to all your products.

Algorithm SDK

More professional algorithms and functions

Provide TWR and other positioning algorithms SDK libraries (without source code).

Obtain the authorization of the algorithm software SDK library, easily to complete.

Reduce R&D costs, provide cost-effective solutions to customers.

Complete technical support to ensure the stability and reliability of use.

Research partner

More professional algorithms and functions

Open TWR/TDOA/PDOA/Space-time chain/Anchor self-calibration and so on.

With openness and customizability, customers can independently choose the best solutions.

After many practical applications and improvements, our product has excellent stability.

Get more technical resources and support, or explore other partnership possibilities.


Provide the perfect OEM/ODM business mode and support custom design, development and manufacture of hardware to help customers lower the barriers to entry for launching new products. Improve utilization efficiency of various resources and significantly reduce the amount of funds and human resources used for research, design, and production so that customers are able to concentrate on specific application needs and their own business.

Algorithm SDK

Provide algorithm development tools and application rules, make an algorithm development guide for different technologies, include detailed API interface, data forms, configuration method, compiler environment, library files, etc. Enable developers to use SDK easily to complete adaptation of algorithm applications for different scenarios.


Provide source-level development support, allow developers to understand the working principles and the details of SDK more deeply and enable them to make custom modifications and adjustments. Source files will be provided with the detailed annotation documents that will make it easy for developers to understand and use the files in the most convenient way, complete secondary development and innovation to build specialized product features.

Use roles


Purchasing hardware to access your own system can significantly reduce the development cycle of enterprise data application, reduce development costs of achieving a successful management operation and maintenance.

Brand owners

Brand owners who join our Partner Solutions Membership can use the UbiTrack hardware device and algorithmic software to establish a full-fledged positioning system.

Personal admirers

Partner Solutions offers the most basic “anchor+tag” model that caters to target groups who want to study positioning technology. Cost-effectiveness, complete after-sales technical support, diversified auxiliary tools, etc.


Partner Solutions offers a complete product line, which can be sold in multiple dimensions, while different combinations can cater to different target users.