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With the continuous improvement of living and medical standards, the average life expectancy continues to extend, and as a result, the trend of population aging and pension-related issues have become hot topics of social concern. Finding, developing, and implementing the best solutions for providing efficient, convenient, and more humane elderly care services is both a challenge and an opportunity that the elderly care industry and institutions are facing. Smart elderly care is increasingly relying on information technology and smart equipment to provide personalized, all-round, intelligent care services for the elderly, improving their quality of life and safety.


Smart elderly care IoT, cloud computing, and other technologies can be used to carry out all-round intelligent management of health, safety, and overall quality of life of the elderly. UbiTrack is a convenient and efficient technology that can help achieve this purpose. By deploying UbiTrack anchors and other required software and hardware equipment in the elderly care environment, an efficient monitoring and management system can be established. The system employs sensors, intelligent monitoring equipment, other technologies, and data analysis to achieve streamlined monitoring of the elderly's movements and physical signs. The system accurately captures the position of the elderly, monitors their vital signs, and provides emergency warnings. With UbiTrack, a circular and intelligent elderly care solution "System > Service > Elderly > Terminal > System” is easily established.

UbiTrack positioning system adopts a number of innovative data analysis and processing algorithms, and a variety of algorithms are hybrid to meet users' different positioning business needs. It has optional positioning (3D), regional positioning(2D), orbital positioning(1D) and other positioning modes.Based on the TWR and TDOA positioning algorithms, the location and surrounding environment information of personnel, vehicles and assets can be accurately located in real time. At the same time, the system also supports track playback, alarm, data interaction, camera linkage and other functions.


UbiTrack uses UWB positioning technology to achieve precise positioning of the care recipient. A positioning tag attached to the care recipient is wirelessly connected with the positioning anchor in the elderly care environment. When the elderly leave or fail to arrive at the specified area on time, a warning reminder will be triggered in the background. Also, in the event of an accident, the elderly can send a reminder and warning to the management staff using the SOS button, and the management staff will receive the elderly's help request along with pertaining information and accurate location, which will allow the staff to timely conduct an emergency rescue operation.

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UbiTrack Partner Solutions

Building upon the mature product and diversified applications of the UbiTrack positioning system, UbiTtrack has launched Partner Solutions, you can get the hardware API and settings of the UbiTrack system and access to the private platform.

UbiTrack Software Grading Services

Building upon the mature product and diversified applications of the UbiTrack positioning system, UbiTtrack has launched the Software Grading Services. These are providing personnel management features, alarm information, 3D view, and many other features.