Public Security/Judiciary/Prison Solutions

UbiTrack positioning system for prisons, public security, correctional and judiciary facilities can realize real-time supervision of prisoners' and staff members' identity, location, behavior, vital signs, and other information. The system includes Non-Removable Wristband, positioning tags, other intelligent hardware, and a positioning service platform, with multi-party linkage. The main advantages of our tracking system include simple deployment, stability, efficiency, and controllable costs.

Public Security

Product Specifications

System architecture and principle

UbiTrack positioning system adopts a number of innovative data analysis and processing algorithms, with a variety of algorithms being hybrid to meet users' different positioning business needs. It supports optional spatial positioning (3D), regional positioning (2D), orbital positioning (1D), and other positioning modes. Based on the TWR and TDOA positioning algorithms, the location and surrounding environment information of personnel, vehicles, and assets can be accurately located in real time. At the same time, the system also supports playback of tracking data, alarm, data interaction, camera linkage, and other functions.

System architecture and principle

Business value