UbiTrack-TG2 is a lightweight positioning tag with multiple installation modes, and can be attached to a helmet or other objects and enable you to accurately track people or goods. It also has demolition prevention alert function to help you with device management..

Goods Positioning Tags

Use Case Scenarios


Power Plant

Construction Site


Storage/Logistics Industry

Industry 4.0

Appearance & Dimensions

product size1

product size2


UWB Operating Frequency

  UWB Operating Frequency: 3.5GHz-6.5GHz

UWB Transmitting Power

  UWB Transmitting Power: 0-33.5dB (Adjustable)

Power Supply

  Power Supply: Rechargeable 1000mAh lithium battery

Battery Life

  Battery Life: 1-4 months(1Hz)

Operating Temperature

  Operating Temperature: -20℃ to 55℃

Operating Humidity

  Operating Humidity:10-90%


  Dimensions: 3.27"× 1.97"× 0.87" (83mmx50mmx22mm)

Additional Sensors

  Optional Functions: Messages, voice, SOS, demolition

  prevention alert, etc.

Helmeted Installation

① 3M adhesive fixation
② Strap

Normal Installation

① Screws
② Ties
③ Magnet adsorption /3M adhesive fixation

*Optional features