UbiTrack-A3 provides high accuracy measurements. With its high performance MCU, it is capable of supporting large number of tags at the same time. The physical appearance of the anchor can be customized if wanted.

Indoor Anchors

Appearance & Dimensions

UWB Operating Frequency

  Light status

Blue light1

  Blue light flashes at 1 second intervals, equipment in normal operation.

Blue light2

  Blue light flashes, no server IP address configured.

red light

  Red light on, unable to connect to the server, please check the host is online and the server IP is correct.

product size1 product size2


Power Supply

  Power Supply: PoE or DC12V /1A


  Network: Supports Ethernet(PoE)

UWB Operating Frequency

  Positioning System Frequency: 3.5GHz-6.5GHz

Operating Temperature

  Operating Temperature: -20ºC to 60ºC


  Dimensions: 7.87"× 7.87"× 1.77" (200mmx200mmx45mm)


Indoor Anchors Installation