UbiTrack-TB3 is a second generation positioning badge which is small and handy. It is used for personnel positioning and it supports UWB positioning communication. The badge supports tracking, motion detection and SOS one-click alarm.

USE case

Our ready-to-use products include wireless tracking badges and tamper-proof wristbands, they are ideal for use in hospitals, smart buildings and prisons.

Custody Monitoring

Custody Monitoring

Hospitals & Care Homes

Hospitals & Care Homes






UWB Operating Frequency

UWB Operating Frequency: 3.5GHz-6.5GHz

UWB Transmitting Power

UWB Transmitting Power: 0-33.5dB (Adjustable)

NFC Operating Frequency

NFC Operating Frequency*: 13.56MHz

Additional Sensors

Additional Sensors: Acceleration Sensor

Stand-by Power Consumption

Stand-by Power Consumption: 0.19mW

Operating Humidity

Operating Humidity: 10-90%

*Optional features

Optional Functions

Optional Functions: Messages, vibration or voice, SOS,etc.

Power Supply

Power Supply: Rechargeable 400mAh lithium battery

Battery Life

Battery Life: 1-2 months(1Hz)


Dimensions: 3.50”×2.28”×0.27”(89mmx58mmx6.9mm)

Operating Temperature

Operating Temperature: -20ºC to 55ºC