Starter Kit

Starter Kit

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Anchors and Tags need to be used together.

Key Features

Support for a maximum area of 900 square meters positioning
Optional 0D, 1D, 2D, 3D positioning
Real-time accurate position display
Historical track playback
Electronic Fence Alert
Multi-Level Permission Management


UbiTrack Starter Kit is the minimum combination of hardware and sofware that can realize high precision positioning. The positioningrange can be extended by increasing the number of anchors and tags. This version requires the user to install the UbiTrack platform software on the virtual machine.

 Starter Kit

Content of the kit

4 x Indoor Anchor UbiTrack-A1

2 x Positioning Badge II (With Screen) UbiTrack-TB3

6 x Magnetic charging cable

2 x Civilian Wristband UbiTrack-TWC1

2 x Goods Positioning Tag I-TG2(Demolition Alert) UbiTrack-TG2

1 xUbiTrack platform software