What are the advantages compared with other UWB positioning systems?

Low power: our company has many years of experience in the development and production of IoT products and has a number of patents in the field of embedded low-power consumption.

Multiple positioning algorithms: we support TWR and TDOA algorithms, giving you the flexibility to balance power use against required number of positioning tags.

Ease of deployment: we use wireless clock synchronization, making the system easier and cheaper to deploy. We also offer flexible install options for the positioning anchors.

Strong anti-interference: our positioning products adapt the positioning algorithm based on fitting, with stronger anti-interference ability.

Flexible use cases: the system offers many options for anchor management, tag management, area management, electronic fence setting and alert setting, real-time performance monitoring and other functions.

High-performance distributed architecture: the core positioning data is stored in a distributed MongoDB non-relational database, with strong scalability, and supports real-time query and summary of high-performance positioning data.

Highly-performant software: the positioning engine uses NodeJS with high throughput and asynchronous I/O, which supports real-time positioning at extremely high scale. The positioning system is based on a browser/server structure, and the frontend uses HTML5 for maximum flexibility.

Comprehensive API interface: all functions and data are accessible through our open API. This makes it easy for you to build your own applications on top of the positioning system.

Established company: we have been operating in the IoT space for many years. We sell a wide variety of products on the international and domestic markets, and our technology is leading the world.