Anchor: insert


Create an anchor.





HTTP Method



URL Parameters

Name Type Required Description
access_token or user_access_token String Requires Specify the API access_token of the account or the user_access_token obtained after the user logged in.


Form Data


Name Description
name Anchor Name
belongszone Zone ID
subroom Sub room
main_anchor Primary Anchor Serial NO.
serialnumber Anchor Serial NO.
x Coordinate X
y Coordinate Y
z Coordinate Z
orientation The angle between the anchor and the positive direction of the Y axis
ismain Anchor Type(0:Primary Anchor,1:Slave Anchor)
anchortype Anchor Type(1:2D,2:1D,3:0D)
odserial 1D pair anchor serial No.
nettype Net Type(0:Eth,1:wifi)
atparam 0D Threshold
deviation Deviation
devicetype Device Type(0:Anchor,1:Camera)
configparam Configuration parameters (json)
name_zero 0 D corresponds to the room name
assist3d TWR auxiliary 3D corresponding No.