Anchor: update


Modify an anchor. For example, you could change an anchor's zone,x, or y.





HTTP Method



URL Parameters


Name Type Required Description
access_token or user_access_token String Requires Specify the API access_token of the account or the user_access_token obtained after the user logged in.
id String Requires Specify the id that needs to be updated.


Form Data


Name Description
name Anchor Name
belongszone Zone ID
subroom Sub room
main_anchor Primary Anchor Serial NO.
serialnumber Anchor Serial NO.
x Coordinate X
y Coordinate Y
z Coordinate Z
orientation The angle between the anchor and the positive direction of the Y axis
ismain Anchor Type(0:Primary Anchor,1:Slave Anchor)
anchortype Anchor Type(1:2D,2:1D,3:0D)
odserial 1D pair anchor serial No.
nettype Net Type(0:Eth,1:wifi)
atparam 0D Threshold
deviation Deviation
devicetype Device Type(0:Anchor,1:Camera)
configparam Configuration parameters (json)
name_zero 0 D corresponds to the room name
assist3d TWR auxiliary 3D corresponding No.